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Whatever your remodeling needs are, we are here to create living spaces that you will love for years to come. We have been serving Sydneyarea for over 15 years and look forward to being the general contractor you chose to partner with to transform your living space from what it is today, into something that feels luxurious, elegant and functional, and suits your aesthetic preferences and lifestyle.

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Is your kitchen out of date? Are your floors in dis-repair and cabinets about to fall down. From the free estimate and design to a completed remodel, we want to make the experience as pleasant and rewarding as possible. Our 15 years of construction experience and emphasis on quality and satisfaction has garnered us a lot of praise. Take a moment to check out our reviews and you will see why you should choose us for all of your construction and home improvement needs.

As a premier kitchen remodeling company serving Sydney area, King Renovations is a leader in the areas of kitchen cabinet installation. We have performed countless kitchen renovations over the years, giving us the know-how you’re looking for when making those tough remodeling decisions. We can recommend the best materials, styles, and appliances to transform your kitchen into something truly special. To get started on the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of, call us today.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing your new kitchen cabinets. Before you hire a kitchen cabinet contractor you want to make sure that your new kitchen cabinets will fit with the rest of your kitchen, both spatially and stylistically. In fact, one of the biggest concerns when kitchen cabinet installation today is how to achieve the maximum amount of storage space without your kitchen looking cluttered. There are a variety of innovative options when it comes to making the most of your available space, including special multi-shelf cabinet drawers that can make effective use of corner spaces. Style-wise, there are lots of small features that can give your kitchen a unique look and feel. Take, for instance, paneled cabinet ends. They are an inexpensive way to add character to the exposed sides of your kitchen cabinets so that they match the doors. Your kitchen cabinets can be made in a variety of finishes to complement the paint on the walls and your chosen flooring. Finally, the hardware on your kitchen cabinets should match your fixtures and appliances, giving your kitchen the impression of a complete project, rather than a random mixture of competing style elements.

Space saving, energy efficient, modern, practical, top-of-the-line or fit for Martha Stewart. King Renovations & Construction can make your dream kitchen come to life.
Perhaps the biggest decision you’ll have to make when remodeling your kitchen is the material used for the countertops. Not too long ago, this would have meant choosing the color and finish of your laminate counters. But today, we have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to materials for kitchen countertops. First, you’ll want to pin down the exact style of your kitchen. Is it mid-century modern or country cottage? Elegant and classy or industrial and streamlined? There is a material for every style, so choose carefully. Rustic country-style homes do well with kitchen countertop materials like butcher block. Stainless steel countertops can create the appearance of a commercial kitchen, while nothing says high-class like marble countertops. However, these are not the only choices to achieve your desired look. And durability and price will also play a role in your selection. Granite is one of the most popular kitchen countertop materials, prized for its durability and natural beauty. However, quartz countertops are quickly catching up to granite, due to their even greater resilience and wider selection of colors and finishes. Modern laminate countertops are also making a comeback, with improved features over your grandmother’s counters. And recycled paper composite is appealing to those with a focus on environmental sustainability, although they can be pricey.